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Owner of NintenDIY


Hey everyone! I'm the owner of NintenDIY, and the brainchild of this project. I hope we can work together on some awesome projects and bring the gaming community of artists together! 

What is NintenDIY?

NintenDIY, at its core, is a way to bring the most talented artists and gamers together in a single place. There aren't many websites that help share and promote individual artists and their work, and there is so much talent out there that deserves to be showcased!


Whether its art, tutorials, or official news, NintenDIY aims to expand the Nintendo news network beyond press releases and game reviews to include the artistic community and everything it offers to all of us as gamers.   

How can you get involved?

NintenDIY is for fans, by fans. Everyone is welcome to get involved! Whether you're a creator, fan artist, or a fan OF artists, just drop us an email or contact us on social media! We're always looking for more work to share and artists to feature! 

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