New Pokemon and New Gameplay Details

In an update today released on Twitter, Pokemon Sword & Sword received some new coverage about the Galar region, Dynamax Pokemon, and more!

Gigantamax Pokemon

A new type of Pokemon form, Gigantamax Pokemon take the Dynamax mechanic to a new level. Not only do Gigantamax Pokemon grow to massive size, some even change their form! These Pokemon are only found in Max Raid battles, and are extremely hard to come by! You can check out the entire thread of information about Gigantamax Pokemon in the linked tweet on your right!

New Pokemon Discoveries!

Pokemon also revealed some brand new Pokemon in their tweets today! Check them all out in the gallery on your left!

Variable Gyms

For the first time ever, it's been revealed that version differences go beyond just different Pokemon in each game - now the games even have different gyms! Your Pokemon league challenge will be different depending on which version of the game you play! There's never been a better reason to pick up both versions of the latest entry in the series!

The Elite Four No More!

Today's tweets seem to indicate another key difference in the Galar region Pokemon league - no more Elite Four! Veteran trainers will know the Elite Four as the final proving ground for up and coming Pokemon champions, where only the best in the region, who've completed all 8 gyms, are eligible to compete! Pokemon today announced that "exemplary trainers" are allowed to compete in the Champion Cup Tournament. Exemplary trainers include those who have collected all 8 Gym badges as part of the gym challenge, but there are other ways to qualify as well!

And thats all for today's news! We'll have more information as we get closer to launch!

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