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Pokemon Sword & Shield - E3 Demo

One of the most anticipated games of the show, if not of the entire year, is of course Pokemon Sword and Shield. The first true mainline RPG in the Pokemon series to hit a home console was a big part of the E3 experience.

The demo itself was pretty straight forward, You walk into the doors of the water gym, and you work towards earning your very first badge of the Galar region.

That was the problem with this demo for me, it wasn't very exciting. While exploring and fighting gyms is a pretty cool feature, it's also not a new feature. It was just more of the same. Whether you're fighting a gym in Kanto or Galar, it's pretty much the same, there's some kind of challenge or puzzle you must complete prior being able to reach the gym leader.

Our team consisted of 6 Pokemon, all level 50, 3 of which were the starters. The other three, Corviknight, Yamper, and Impidimp, really gave us an opportunity to check out all the different type pairings. Being introduced to two new Pokemon, Yamper and Impidimp, was really the coolest part of the demo.

The gym was pretty straight forward. Push a few switches in the correct order to divert the flow of water and unlock new paths. Nothing we haven't seen before in Pokemon games. The only new part of this game, in comparison to every other Pokemon game, was the ability to Dynamax Pokemon in the battle with the gym leader. While this feature is pretty cool, giant Pokemon really aren't a necessary part of gameplay. At the end of the day, whether my Grookey is 10 feet tall or 2 feet tall, it's still going to defeat her water types.

The game isn't bad, not in the least, it's a Pokemon game after all, and the formula has been proven to work time and again. But this demo just didn't do it for me. The graphics were great, it just felt a little bit stale to be fighting a gym right out of the gate when its your very first time visiting this region. Before E3, and before the direct, I expected to be able to explore the region in the demo, maybe encounter some wild Pokemon, but that wasn't the case. We were just given more of the same, and while I didn't leave disappointed, I left a little bit 'meh'

Fortunately, there's still a lot more to these games than the gyms.

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