*New* Super Luckys Tale - E3 Demo

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

New Super Lucky's Tale, for me, was a standout hit at E3. While it hasn't gotten nearly as much press as it deserves, this is definitely a game we should all have on our watch list.

A reimagining of the original game, New Super Luckys Tale introduces us to the cute character of Lucky the Fox. The demo has us seemingly trapped on an island with our only hopes of escape being the recovery of all the pages to the Book of Ages. After some quick introductions and tutorials, we're off on the hunt, solving short and fun puzzles as we go.

Fans of games like Yooka-Laylee and Banjo-Kazooie will find the 3D platform environment fun and familiar. While Lucky doesn't have a sidekick, his charm alone is enough! He's a Fox with a cape on, after all. How much cuter can you get?

The demo, running about 15 minutes long, had us collecting the heads of three rock golem characters, who then used their powers to activate one larger golem. The activation of the large golem revealed the first page of the Book of Ages, completing the tutorial.

As is tradition with 3D platformers, theres a lot more to see and do than just completing each level. Scattered throughout the level are various collectibles, including the letters to spell out LUCKY.

Overall, this demo played extremely well and seemed to be incredibly polished and well though out. Lucky is a charming character who I can't wait to meet more of! While I can't speak for the final game itself, I've given the demo a solid 85/100 rating!

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