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Turns out, the Switch Mini was completely made up!

A few days we were the first ones to break the story about the potentiality of a Switch Mini being in production, and a possible first look at the console based on the renderings of a company called HonSon, in China, who has decided to start selling accessories for the Nintendo Switch Mini.

Our curiosity got the best of us and we reached out to Sara from HonSon for more information, and to purchase some samples to check out and review. What we ended up getting in response was confirmation that these accessories don't exist, and HonSon made the entire Switch Mini up!

The complete correspondence below:

As you can see, HonSon is unwilling to sell the Switch Mini accessories, or provide samples, because they don't yet exist - and they dont know if the Switch Mini actually does either.

We'll just have to keep waiting to see if Nintendo releases any official information on new consoles coming soon!

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